The games that time forgot

This page lists Sinclair ZX Spectrum games which were unpublished or games which only got as far as the prototype stage or storyboard! I'd like to thank Stephen Smith, Stuart Campbell and Alessandro Grussu for some of the information and scans contained in this page. There is also this document which you may find interesting!!

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3D Sea 3DC

Mentioned in issue 12 of Your Sinclair, the game was never released by Activision but eventually appeared on Elite's Encore label.

Atomic Robo-Kid Your Sinclair (Issue 64)

A demo appeared in issue 64 of Your Sinclair, but the game was scrapped when Activision wound down their Spectrum game development.

Atomic Robo-Kid advert C64 Atomic Robo-Kid inlay Spectrum Atomic Robo-Kid demo screenshot


A preview of this puzzle / board game by Activision appeared in issue 71 of Sinclair User. Then is issue 73, page 104 the following quote was printed:- "Apparently it's been shelved, and it'll probably be next September before we see the blasted thing".

September preview September news


Applications Software

The Tebbit

This was an spoof adventure game based on The Hobbit from Melbourne House and British politics, taking it's name from Norman Tebbit. Adverts for the game appeared in various computer magazines in early 1984 until the game was cancelled.

The Tebbit advert


Artic Computing

Cats aka Paws

Written and reviewed in Sinclair User, the game was withdrawn due to copyright infringement of the musical Cats by Andrew Lloyd-Webber. The game was slightly modified to get over this hurdle and was released as Paws.

Spectrum Paws inlay

Sinclair User Cats review

Sinclair Programs review

Sinclair User Paws review



Crystal Castles Crystal Castles

Originally planned as a limited edition game, due to very poor sales the game was re-released to try and sell more copies!

Crystal Castles advert 1 Crystal Castles 2 Spectrum Crystal Castles inlay

Moon Patrol Moon Patrol

After announcing that they were bringing out some of their classic arcade games for the Spectrum, only four Atarisoft games made it to the shops:- Pacman, Pole Position, Ms Pacman and Galaxians. Although completely written, Moon Patrol for some reason was never published!

Atarisoft advert Spectrum Moon Patrol screenshot

Robotron 2084 Robotron 2084

Reviewed in the October 1984 issue of Personal Computer Games, Atarisoft never published this completely finished conversion of the Williams arcade game Robotron.

Robotron review 1 Robotron review 2 Spectrum Robotron screenshot



Dante's Inferno Dante's Inferno

Advertised for the C64 which quoted the Spectrum and Amstrad versions as "Coming soon", but the Spectrum version never did!

Dante's Inferno advert C64 Dante's Inferno inlay

The Eye Of The Moon

In the Lords Of Midnight manual, the sequels Doomdark's Revenge and The Eye Of The Moon are mentioned, see left-hand image. When Doomdark's Revenge was released, The Eye Of The Moon was mentioned again on the first page of the manual. After Beyond were taken over by British Telecom, the third installment of the trilogy was put on the backburner and never saw the light of day although some work towards the game must have been done. A third installment of the saga did eventually arise, in the form of The Lords Of Midnight: The Citadel for the PC.

Crash interview with Mike Singleton #1

Crash interview with Mike Singleton #2

Infodroid Infodroid

C64 Infodroid inlay

Quake Minus One QuakeMinusOne

The game was released for the C64 only, but a feature in issue 39 of Sinclair User hinted that a Spectrum version was also in production.

Quake Minus One advert C64 Quake Minus One inlay

Superman Superman - The Game

Beyond Software has first refusal on games developed by First Star Software, with Superman being advertised on their Five Boys advert. The game was originally advertised for the C64, Atari 400/800/XL, Amstrad and Spectrum, however only the C64 version was eventually published by Beyond. It was around this time that Beyond was bought out by British Telecom and after lengthy delays, Superman was eventually published by Prism Leisure.

Superman advert Front of C64 Superman inlay Back of C64 Superman inlay Spectrum Superman inlay

Star Trek Star Trek - The Rebel Universe

Beyond Software assigned Mike Singleton to development a game based on the Star Trek franchise for the ZX Spectrum and C64 8 bit computers. Regular previews and news items appeared in various Spectrum magazines throughout 1986. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, the ZX Spectrum version was never released. With the demise of the Beyond label, it was left to Firebird to publish the C64 version. Star Trek was the most famous holder of the Scooby award, for games which fall way behind schedule!

Star Trek - The Rebel Universe feature C64 Star Trek - The Rebel Universe inlay



Automan Automan

Advertised in PCG for C64, a Spectrum version was planned and previewed in issue 9 of Your Spectrum but it never appeared.

Automan advert C64 Automan inlay


Clive Brooker

One Man And His Droid II One Man And His Droid II

Unpublished sequel to the 1985 arcade hit "One Man And His Droid", this game was only recently re-discovered and released by the author Clive Brooker.

One Man And His Droid II screenshot

Details At Clive Brooker's Web Site



Cyborg Cyborg

Was advertised and previewed in magazines around 1987 but never came to light for the Spectrum. A version for the C64 was released, see above.

Cyborg advert C64 Cyborg inlay



The Bobby Yazz Show Crash (Issue 92)

The game was completed and received good reviews but Destiny went bust before the game could be published. It did eventually appear on the cover-tape of issue 92 of Crash.

The Bobby Yazz Show advert



Death Pit Death Pit

Advertised in late 1984 including the December 1984 issue of Personal Computer Games, this game never saw the light of day.

Death Pit advert Death Pit screenshot Death Pit screenshot Death Pit screenshot

Saboteur 3

Developed by Clive Townsend


Developed by Clive Townsend, the game is a flick screen clone of the game Trojan by Capcom. After being developed, the game was never published and has only surfaced after Clive generously loaned the tzx vault preservation team the only known copy that existed on microdrive cartridge.

Trojan control select screenshot  Trojan screenshot


The Edge

The Punisher

Advertised for various formats including the Spectrum, it was released on other platforms but the Spectrum version didn't appear. The end of game screen displayed in Darius+ mentions both XMen and The Punisher as being developed by the same team behind Darius+.

The Punisher advert Darius+ screenshot



Frank Bruno's Boxing Add-On

On completing the game, the final screen contains an advert for Scooby Doo and also advertises an add-on tape with additional boxers.

Frank Bruno's Boxing screenshot 

International Basketball

The Spectrum conversion of Andrew Spencerís Commodore 64 game was advertised throughout 1985 and featured in issue 21 of Crash, where it was reported as "nearing completion".

International Basketball advert 

Scooby Doo In The Castle Mystery

After a few months of advertising and some preview screens being published in Crash, it became apparent that the original game design (A Dragon's Lair type game) couldn't be achieved on the ZX Spectrum. In order to get a game in the shops with the Scooby Doo licence, the work was given to Gargoyle and a platform game was subsequently published towards the end of 1986.

Scooby Doo In The Castle Mystery advert Scooby Doo In The Castle Mystery screen 1 Scooby Doo In The Castle Mystery screen 2 

Crash preview

Your Spectrum news



Backpackers Guide To The Universe Parts 2 and 3

Originally advertised as a trilogy, part 1 was released and then unfortunately parts 2 and 3 were never written.

Backpackers Guide To The Universe advert Backpackers Guide To The Universe news


Gargoyle / FTL

Fornax / Gath

The entire trilogy "The Siege Of Earth" was advertised in the advert below, but only Marsport was ever released. A feature on Fornax appeared on page 112 of the Novermber 1985 issue of Sinclair User. The story was as described below:-

Marsport: The year: 2494. Earth is under seige by the ant-like Sept. The huge force-field protecting Earth is beginning to fade, and the original plans must be retrieved from the great city of Marsport, now occupied by the alien Sept... Commander John Marsh of the Terran Liberation Forces battles against the Sept Warlords and the robotic defences of M-Central in one last effort to reach the plans inside the Marsport City Computers.

Fornax: Fornax, the fire planet, is a world populated by Sept of the scientific caste, who are studying the ancient Star Lord civilisation with the help of mutated humans. The Terran Resistance must outwit the Sept brains and solve the enigma of the Star Lords in order to uncover the greatest secret of all - the location of the Sept Imperial planet, Gath.

Gath: The story was never written as far as I know.

The Siege Of Earth Trilogy advert

Heavy On The Magick

Add ons for Heavy On The Magick were planned and mentioned on a 128k Spectrum flyer, but never materialised. The two follow-ups which were to be called "Trials Of Thenon" and "Tombs Of Taro" were mentioned in the April 87 issue of Crash.

Samurai Dawn

News of this game was printed in the September 1986 issue of ZX Computing and the October 1986 issue of Your Sinclair but is currently MIA.

Samurai Dawn feature



Beaver Bob - In Dam Trouble

The game was advertised in Crash and was even featured in a Crash competition for the design of a loading screen, but it was never released.

Beaver Bob - In Dam Trouble advert 1 Beaver Bob - In Dam Trouble advert 2 Beaver Bob - In Dam Trouble advert 3

Beaver Bob - In Dam Trouble competition Beaver Bob - A Gremlin In The Works feature

Re-Bounder Re-Bounder

A conversion was planned of the C-64 hit Re-Bounder, but was shelved after months of on-off development.

Re-Bounder news C64 Re-Bounder inlay



Athena Athena Athena Graphics

Mark Jones began working on Athena after finishing Wizball. Shortly after, Mark was transferred onto Gryzor and Athena was completed by Ivan Horn and Andy Deakin. The mockups and partial loading screen can be downloaded using the link above. 

Athena WIP loading screen Athena mockup screenshot 1 Athena mockup screenshot 2 Athena grafix

Bandersnatch & Psyclapse

Bandersnatch was Imagine's new "mega-game" costing £30 when completed, which was to include a hardware add-on. The game was far from being complete when the company went bust. A new company called Finchspeed was set-up after Imagine folded which sold the rights to the game to Sinclair Research Ltd. A complete working version was then developed for the QL before Finchspeed folded. The directors Dave Lawson and Ian Heatherington then formed Psygnosis and the game was later released for the Amiga/ST as Brataccas.

Psyclapse & Bandersnatch advert 1 Psyclapse & Bandersnatch advert 2 Psyclapse & Bandersnatch advert 3 Psyclapse & Bandersnatch advert 4 Psyclapse development disk

Comic Bakery Comic Bakery

Another game in the long list of games which were advertised and never released for the Spectrum, although a C64 version was released, see above.

Comic Bakery advert 1 Comic Bakery advert 2 C64 Comic Bakery inlay

Vindicator The Vindicator - 128k

Although the game was released under the name Vindicator, the original artwork had the game billed as the sequel to the arcade hit Green Beret.

Vindicator advert Spectrum Vindicator inlay



Iron Horse

This is another game in a long list of games which were advertised but subsequently never made it to publication.

Iron Horse advert


Melbourne House

Horace To The Rescue

The 4th installment of the Horace series was mentioned briefly in the July 1985 edition of Sinclair Programs magazine.

Inspector Gadget And The Circus Of Fear Inspector Gadget And The Circus Of Fear

Inspector Gadget and the Circus of Fear from Melbourne House was completed but was not judged good enough for release by Mastertronic when they bought Melbourne House in 1987, see The Games Time Forgot in the November 1987 issue of Sinclair User.

C64 Inspector Gadget inlay The Games That Time Forgot feature



Dynamite Dan 2 - 128k

A special 128k version of Dynamite Dan 2 was planned and got a mention on a Spectrum 128k promotional brochure.



Adventure In Bristol Adventure In Bristol

This is one of possibly hundreds of games which were sent to John Wilson of Zenobi for evaluation. Unfortunately, for whatever reason this game as with many others was rejected and was never published. Thanks to John however, the tape was passed on and has now been preserved for all to see.

Adventure In Bristol inlay Adventure In Bristol loading screenshot Adventure In Bristol screenshot

Slack Bladder Slack Bladder

As with Adventure In Bristol above, Slack Bladder was completed, sent to Zenobi for evaluation but ultimately rejected!

Slack Bladder inlay Slack Bladder screenshot

Exploits In A Wheelie-Bin Exploits In A Wheelie-Bin

One of three adventures written for the "Mega Points" competition that was held at the annual Adventure Probe convention.

Exploits In A Wheelie-Bin screenshot

The Long Journey Home The Long Journey Home

The Long Journey Home screenshot

Tattoo Tattoo

Tattoo screenshot

Marie Celeste Adventure Marie Celeste Adventure

Written by Bob Lock (Walrus Computing) and advertised in the small ads sections of Sinclair User and other magazines, the game was produced privately and sold in small numbers.

Marie Celeste Adventure inlay Marie Celeste Adventure loading screenshot Marie Celeste Adventure screenshot

Nemo's Island Nemo's Island

Nemo's Island is the little known sequel to Marie Celeste Adventure, and also sold in very small numbers due to only being advertised in the small ads section of Sinclair User and other magazines.

Nemo's Island loading screenshot Nemo's Island screenshot

Masterspy Masterspy

Masterspy was a game developed by Albert Ball of Jumping Jack and Rapscallion fame. Due to delays in completing Masterspy, Albert thought it wasn't worth releasing due to more sophisticated games becoming available. Luckily Albert kept a copy of Masterspy on tape, which has been successfully preserved with the assistance of Josť Luis Soler Hidalgo.

Masterspy loading screenshot



Airwolf Airwolf (Elite version)

An advert appeared in the December 1984 issue of Personal Computer Games for an Airwolf game by Ocean. After some legal wrangling, Elite came out as the winners of the official licence and the Ocean game was never seen again.

Airwolf advert by Ocean Airwolf advert by Elite

High Noon High Noon

Advertised in 1984, the C64 version which is available above was released but the Spectrum version never saw the light of day.

C64 High Noon inlay

"Ice Hockey" Ice Hockey Graphics

More work in progress Sprites from Mark Jones for an unnamed Ice Hockey game that was never written.

Ice Hockey mockup screenshot 1 Ice Hockey mockup screenshot 2

Iron Sword Iron Sword Graphics

A few mock-ups were created by Mark Jones while waiting between projects, no further work was done beyond these graphics.

Iron Sword mockup screenshot Iron Sword sprites Iron Sword well

Mailstrom Mailstrom Development Graphics

Mailstrom mockup screenshot #1 Mailstrom mockup screenshot #1 Mailstrom mockup screenshot #1 Mailstrom mockup screenshot #1

WIP graphics recovered from the Anaconda development microdrive cartidges.

Street Hawk Street Hawk - Crash Subscribers Edition Street Hawk

Advertised around mid 1985, a quick game had to be cobbled together to honour a contract signed with Crash for one of their subscriber offers. The game was a defender clone which was never released in the shops. The game continued to be advertised and a totally different game was eventually "officially" released around the end of '86.

Street Hawk advert 1 Street Hawk advert 2 Street Hawk - Crash Subscribers Edition screenshot Street Hawk screenshot

Tibet aka Where Time Stood Still

A preview appeared in an issue of Sinclair User covering 128k games after the launch of the +3. A small part of the feature covered a game called Tibet which was billed as the sequel to "The Great Escape". Tibet was later released as Where Time Stood Still.

Tibet preview screenshot Where Time Stood Still advert Spectrum Where Time Stood Still inlay


After being previewed in the July 1991 issue of Crash and several other magazines later, the game remains unpublished.

Toki Toki artwork Megadrive Toki inlay Spectrum Toki screenshot 1 Spectrum Toki screenshot 2

Crash preview

Total Recall Total Recall Total Recall Graphics

Mark Jones completed some sprites and mockup screens for version 1 of Total Recall which was eventually scrapped. The mockups and partial loading screen can be downloaded using the link above. 

Total Recall Mockup Screenshot 1 Total Recall Mockup Screenshot 2 Total Recall Mockup Screenshot 3 Total Recall Mockup Screenshot 4 Total Recall Mockup Screenshot 5



Troll Troll (Kixx) Troll

Previewed in the February 1988 (#72) issue of Sinclair User and then advertised in the March 1988 (#73) issue of Sinclair User was all we ever saw of this game which was being developed by Denton Design until it was released on the budget Kixx label. The game was published by Outlaw for the C64, see the inlay scan below.

Troll preview Troll advert C64 Troll inlay Troll Screenshot


I recently wrote an email to Jon and this is the reply I got:- "No, I'm afraid the early stages of Starship were on microdrive but when I tried to look at it a couple of years later I found they couldn't be read". Shame! In the August 1988 issue of Your Sinclair, the following article was published about Starship just after it had been abandoned. I have also found this scan of an announcement of the formation of Outlaw, with Starship being their first game!

Starship article Outlaw announcement



Gyruss Gyruss - Prototype

Back in 1984, Parker Brothers announced that they were going to release conversions of several arcade games including Gyruss and Star Wars as interface 2 cartridges priced at £19.95. The releases were shelved however, when the interface 2 sold in poor numbers.

Gyruss screenshot

Loco Motion Loco Motion - Prototype

Loco Motion screenshot

Popeye Popeye - Prototype

Popeye screenshot

Q*Bert Q*Bert - Prototype

Q*Bert screenshot

Star Wars Star Wars - Prototype 1 Star Wars - Prototype 2

Star Wars screenshot




A feature appeared in issue 71 of Sinclair User which reported that the game was being programmed by Imagitec for Piranha. The project was probably shelved along with Judge Death (see below) when Piranha went bust.

Coven preview

Judge Death

Judge Death was first previewed in the November 1987 issue of Crash plus a few spots in Sinclair User. Then in the December issue it was advertised along with a special edition of the Judge Anderson comic. The game was due to be completed ready for a review in the January issue, but the game was never completed because the publisher Piranha went bust.

Judge Death advert 1 Judge Death advert 2 Judge Death preview 1 Judge Death preview 3 Judge Death preview 4


Rainbow Arts

The Great Giana Sisters The Great Giana Sisters

This game was reviewed in Crash receiving a Crash Smash award, although it has been reported that the game only made it to beta stage. After Nintendo threatened legal action due to the game being too similar to Super Mario Bros., the game was withdrawn.

The Great Gianna Sisters advert C64 The Great Gianna Sisters inlay Spectrum The Great Gianna Sisters screenshot

Your Sinclair review

Crash review


Reptile Industries

Fast Lane

Three mock screens for a proposed game called Fast Lane were recovered from a development microdrive that was part of the Anaconda batch of development media.

Fast Lane mock screen #1 Fast Lane mock screen #2 Fast Lane mock screen #3


A mock screen for a shoot 'em up called Krutons was recovered from a development microdrive that was part of the Anaconda batch of development media.

Krutons mock screen

Miscellaneous screens

Various graphics recovered from Reptile Industries development microdrives.

Church screen Andy Carr in Egypt screen House screen Star screen

All Through the Night screen

Software Projects

Anaconda Anaconda-128k Anaconda-48k Anaconda Development Graphics

After the release of Star Paws, this game was previewed in the April 1988 (#73) issue of Sinclair User as Software Project's next game. The game eventually surfaced on eBay amongst a batch of other development tapes, microdrive cartridges and TR-DOS disks back in March 2010.

Anaconda preview Anaconda artwork Anaconda loading screen Anaconda screenshot

Attack Of The Mutant Zombie Flesh Eating Chickens From Mars aka Star Paws

This game was advertised for several months stating that it was the new game from Mathew Smith. After Mathew Smith dropped out of the Spectrum games scene, the game was finally written and published under a new name:- Star Paws.

Attack Of The Mutant Zombie Flesh Eating Chickens From Mars advert Attack Of The Mutant Zombie Flesh Eating Chickens From Mars news Mathew Smith feature Attack Of The Mutant Zombie Flesh Eating Chickens From Mars screenshot Spectrum Star Paws inlay

Hunchback At The Olympics Hunchback At The Olympics

The first two adverts appeared in Personal Computer Games but the game may have been shelved when Ocean acquired the Hunchback licence for their arcade game conversion. The third advert appeared in the July 1985 issue of Computer & Video Games.

Hunchback At The Olympics advert 1 Hunchback At The Olympics advert 2 Hunchback At The Olympics advert 3 C64 Hunchback At The Olympics inlay

The Master The Master (Software Projects) The Master (Bug-Byte) The Master (Mastertronic) The Master

Advertised for the Spectrum in an issue of Personal Computer Games, the screenshots look like they are from a C-64 version. I've been informed that the game was completed but never published by Software Projects, the rights were acquired by Artic who did later publish the game.

The Master advert The Master The Master (Software Projects) Protection Card Spectrum The Master inlay

The Master (Software Projects) loading screen The Master (Mastertronic) loading screen The Master (Bug-Byte) loading screen The Master (Bug-Byte) loading screen

Miner Willy Meets The Taxman aka The Megatree

In an interview in the March 1984 issue of Personal Computer Games, it was reported that "After another skiing trip Matthew expects to start thinking about a follow-up to Jet Set Willy - perhaps to be called Willy Meets the Taxman.". This may have been a joke on the spur of the moment, but nothing was ever seen of this proposed follow up to Jet Set Willy. A sequel was later released which was a souped up version of the original with extra rooms, but this was not written by the man himself!

The development disks for The Megatree were recently won by Retro Gamer magazine, a feature covering the contents of the disk appeared in issue 5 of Retro Gamer.

C64 Mega-Tree loading screen Mega-Tree Concept Sketch 1 Mega-Tree Concept Sketch 2

Mega-Tree Concept Sketch 3 Mega-Tree Concept Sketch 4 Mega-Tree development disk Nega-Tree backup disk


System 3

The Last Ninja The Last Ninja

Previewed in the November 1987 (#68) issue of Sinclair User, it seems that due to development difficulties the sequel was finished first so the original game was shelved!! The C64 version is available above.

The Last Ninja preview C64 The Last Ninja inlay



The Search For Sharla

This game was advertised in several issues of Crash magazine around 1990 and even sported artwork from Oliver Frey. It was reported as using landscaping techniques similar to The Lords Of Midnight but unfortunately, the game never appeared. The three images below are courtesy of the C64 site Games That Weren't.

The Search For Sharla advert 1 The Search For Sharla advert 2 The Search For Sharla advert 3 The Search For Sharla screenshot 1 The Search For Sharla screenshot 2 The Search For Sharla screenshot 3

The Search For Sharla Story



Vigilante Demos Vigilante Demo 121288 Vigilante Demo 090189

These demo's were unearthed amongst a number of Tiertex development disks. Thanks go to David Powell, who rescued them from a local car car boot sale in Sheffield!!

Vigilante Demo 121288 in game Vigilante Demo 090189 in game Vigilante Demo 090189 in game (Monochrome)



Solar Jetman Solar Jetman

Solar Jetman was the third game featuring Jetman, the character who starred in many cartoon adventures in Crash magazine. The first two games were Jetpac released in August 1983 and Lunar Jetman which was released in February 1984. The game was being written by STORM who developed Rod-Land, St. Dragon and SWIV. The game was previewed in issue 86 of Crash but was never released for the ZX Spectrum.

The game was released for the NES and Playchoice 10 arcade system, a fully completed version of the game for the C64 was recently discovered by the Games That Weren't C64 web-site, all the related information can be found here: Solar Jetman C64

NES Solar Jetman inlay Spectrum Solar Jetman screenshot 1 Spectrum Solar Jetman screenshot 2 Spectrum Solar Jetman screenshot 3

C64 Solar Jetman screenshot 1 C64 Solar Jetman screenshot 2 C64 Solar Jetman screenshot 3

Crash preview

Mire Mare

Underwurlde, the second game in the Sabreman series had three seperate exits from the castle. Each exit had a different congratulations screen naming another adventure in the Sabreman saga. Exit one named Knight Lore which was released at the same time as Underwurlde. Exit two named Pentagram which was released in June 1986. The third exit named Mire Mare which was never published. The reasons for this have only just been made public, see the interview at the Ultimate Appreciation website, linked below. The game was previewed on page 108 of the June 1987 issue of Sinclair User and was also featured on page 69 of the November 1987 issue of Sinclair user.

Mire Mare artwork Spectrum Underwurlde screenshot Spectrum Knight Lore screenshot Spectrum Pentagram screenshot

Ultimate appreciation site interview with details on Solar Jetman and Mire Mare


Vincent Vity

Block Wars 3000 AD

This quote, direct from the author explains why the game was never released:- "Just to keep your records straight I'm sad to say Block War 3000 AD never made it to the public, it was proving too much for the memory available as it was supposed to be an 8 player game! Shame because it looked brilliant and I had lots and lots of pre orders for it, I think it would have been a big seller as it was set around judge dread etc."

US Gold

Conan The Barbarian

The loading screen was recovered from some recently discovered Microdrives belonging to Mark Jones. The game was completed for the C64, it looks like only the loading screen was completed for the Spectrum.

Conan The Barbarian screenshot

Congo Bongo Congo Bongo

A conversion of the Sega coin-op, it was advertised for the C64 and Spectrum alongside Up 'n Down, but only the C64 version surfaced.

Congo Bongo advert 1 Congo Bongo advert 2 C64 Congo Bongo inlay


Grog's Revenge Grog's Revenge

This was the sequel to BCís Quest For Tires which was released by Software Projects for the Spectrum. In an interview on ZX Specticle, Dougie Burns mentions that he was working on the Spectrum version of the game but was taken off the project by Jon Woods.  He says: ďIíll always regret not finishing Grogís Revenge for US Gold, because it was looking good.Ē The C64 version is available above.  

Grog's Revenge advert C64 Grog's Revenge inlay

Mega Twins for the Spectrum Mega Twins and for the Amstrad Mega Twins Demo Mega Twins 12 Aug 91

A conversion of the Capcom coin-op, it was advertised for both 8 and 16 bit platforms, sadly none of the 8 bit versions were published. Once again, thanks go to David Powell for supplying the development disks, which were in terrible condition incidentally. After three intensive weeks of preservation work in conjunction with IstvŠn FŠbiŠn and Richard Rayner from the Software Preservation Society and Simon Owen, both the Spectrum and Amstrad versions of Mega Twins have been saved.

Mega Twins inlay Mega Twins splash screen Mega Twins in game

Up 'n Down Up 'n Down

A conversion of the Sega coin-op, it was advertised for the C64 and Spectrum, but only the C64 version surfaced.

Up 'n Down advert 1 Up 'n Down advert 2 Up 'n Down advert 3 C64 Up 'n Down inlay

World Cup Carnival World Cup Football World Cup Carnival

Quite a stir was caused when US Gold released the old Artic game World Cup Football under the new name of World Cup Carnival at twice the price of the original. The explanation given at the time was that the game developed to coincide with the World Cup was so bad it couldn't be released. Since there was not enough time to develop a new game, the old Artic game was re-released under the new name. If this is the case, then there is a completed unreleased version of World Cup Carnival out there somewhere.

World Cup Carnival advert World Cup Carnival inlay